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 Unity Weekly Donations

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PostSubject: Unity Weekly Donations   Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:03 am

Unity Weekly Donations

To keep Unity in the top 10 corp list, a weekly donate of 100 points per week is being requested. Donations go to raising corp bonuses and protecting RBPs.

1. Monday's are audit days. You need to get your donation made before Monday. If your waiting until Monday to donate, you've failed.

2. If you have not made your 100 point donation for the week, your character will be removed from the corp.

3. People who remove their alts from corp for farming purposes is still responsible for the alts 100 weekly donation. The donation can be made from the main character. You have multiple alts. For example. 1 Main, 4 alts. That is 100 points for main and 100 points for each alt. The main would be expected to play 500 weekly donation. We ask for the main to pay the donations since any donations made from an alt removed from the corp would be reset to zero on the corp donation page. Basically its impossible for us to track donations unless the main character pays the donation.

4. People who DO NOT remove their alts from corp for farming purposes can pay the alt's donation requirement on the alt. Since the alt never leaves the corp, the corp donation page will not reset to zero.

5. If your character is removed due to uncollected donations, you can re-apply to Unity. If you keep missing weekly corp donations, their could be a chance your re-application to Unity will be denied.

6. If your going to be out of game and not make your weekly donations their are options. Option 1. Get a friend/relative to handle logging you in for weekly donations. Option 2. Find some place to log-in for the once a week donation.
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Unity Weekly Donations
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