United we stand, Divided we fall
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 Unity - Canis Minor

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PostSubject: Unity - Canis Minor   Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:37 pm

Welcome to Unity Forums.
We are one of the oldest corps on Canis Minor and work hard to be one of the influencial corps on the server. We are always looking for new active members who contribute to the corps and its other members, in return you can expect help with ship designs, cheap blueprints, group farming and attacking/defending Resource Planets and possibly loans of MP and gold once you are well known within the corps.
We keep a close track of donations and activity from our members and with this comes eradication of inactives but promotion through the ranks and the mutual respect from your comrades for those who do contribute(not just contributions but also time and help).
We feel that progression in GO2 relies heavily on our corps working together as a team rather than selfish individual gains therefore it is imperetive that ALL members contribute to the best of their ability.
The Lt.colonels are a very important part of the corps and any issues/problems/advice can be sorted by them aswell as the colonel, we work on a democracy basis where the Lt.colonels voices, opinions and orders are as important as the colonel's.

Unity's Motto is "United we stand, Divided we fall" which is why we stress the point of each and every member making positive contributions which will ultimatly result in great reward. sunny
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Unity - Canis Minor
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